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Marie O. Schmidt
City Clerk

Tel: 305-485-4528

The City Clerk's position is a charter position. The City Clerk is appointed by majority vote of the City Commission and serves as the head of the Department of Administration, City Treasurer, Records Custodian, Keeper of the City Seal, and Clerk to all City Boards, Commissions and Committees. She also performs other functions set forth in the City Charter and Code of Ordinances such as signing contracts, checks and other documents binding the City, issuing all City occupational licenses and permits.

Marie Schmidt is the present City Clerk and has served in that capacity since 1977. She completed the City Clerk's Institute in 1986 and received her certification as a Certified Municipal Clerk in 1991 and is presently working toward her Master's. She has received certification from Florida Atlantic University in local government management, from Florida State University's Career Development Institute Advanced Academy and Florida International University in records management. She is also a certified business tax official.

Mrs. Schmidt is a member of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks, Florida Association of City Clerks, Miami-Dade County Municipal Clerks Association, Florida Association of Business Tax Officials and National Arborists Association.

Marie, better known as Val, has three children and 8 grandchildren. She has lived in the City of Sweetwater since 1965 and has been involved in city government affairs almost from the day she moved into the City. She became an active member of the Sweetwater Taxpayers Association, was also elected to the Election Board and served as its chairman for four years before being appointed to the position of City Clerk. Her late husband, John, served on the City's Planning and Zoning Board and on the City Commission for three terms. Her hobbies are gardening, quilting, scrap booking, riding her motorcycle and spending as much time with her grandchildren as she can.

Mrs. Schmidt directly supervises seven employees in the City Clerk's Office whose responsibilities, in addition to recording and indexing minutes, ordinances and resolutions, clerking for all boards, commissions and committees and running elections, include processing all applications for business tax receipts. In addition, her office staff handles all records requests, provides general information to the public, processes passport applications, provides notary services and provides other departments with clerical assistance when needed.

She meets regularly with the Mayor who is the City's administrator and assists him with administrative matters and projects. She also serves as a member of the City's collective bargaining team and recently completed work with the City Attorney on a  revision of the City Code and Land Development Regulations.