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Sweetwater Department Heads

Police Department Placido Diaz, Chief of Police 305-552-9900 pdiaz@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
Public Works Alan Abolila, Director 786-507-4850 abolila@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
Parks and Recreation Yuraima Montenegro, Asst. Director 305-551-4774 ymontenegro@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
Finance Department Ricardo J. Mendez, Director 305-485-4533 rjmendez@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
Human Resources Joanna Rubio, Manager 305-485-4534 jrubio@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
Building and Zoning Carlos Lanza, Director 305-485-4523 clanza@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
Engineering Division Eric Gomez, Engineer 305-553-5354 engineer@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov
City Clerk Marie O. Schmidt, City Clerk 305-485-4528 mschmidt@cityofsweetwater.fl.gov