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jose diaz, Commissioner of sweetwater, fl
Commissioner Jose M. Diaz
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Commissioner Jose Diaz

Jose M. Diaz was sworn in as the Commissioner of the City of Sweetwater August 12, 2013. In Sweetwater's strong-Commissioner form of government, he also serves as the city manager.

Commissioner Diaz's top priority is fiscal and ethical responsibility. His goal is to keep taxes low, while providing excellent service to residents, business owners and the community.

Before becoming Commissioner, he served on the City of Sweetwater City Commission for 12 years. He served as vice-Commissioner for two-and-a- half years of that time, and three of his reelections were unopposed.

Commissioner Diaz's vision for the City of Sweetwater is for it to continue growing into a University City. He will move forward with beautification and stormwater drainage improvements, and ensure the growth and prosperity of the City.

Under Commissioner Diaz's leadership, city department directors and staff will serve the community with the integrity and respect.

While he served in the city commission, Commissioner Diaz voted for measures that ensured flooding in the City of Sweetwater would be a thing of the past. Two nights a week, he taught English to Sweetwater residents and prepared them for the United States citizenship exam.

During the day, Commissioner Diaz taught Spanish in Miami Dade Public School's Young Women's Preparatory Academy for seven years. In 2007, he was nominated as Univision Network's "Maestro Especial" by his students.

Before becoming a public servant, Commissioner Diaz participated in faith-based community organizations where he would volunteer his time to counsel at-risk youth and help those in need.

Commissioner Diaz holds a bachelor of science degree in public administration from Barry University and has been married to his wife Beatrice for 27 years. He is a proud father of four and a grandparent, who has lived in the City of Sweetwater for 25 years.

Commissioner Diaz was born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, where he obtained a bachelor of science degree in agricultural engineering. Because of his superlative academics and passion for teaching, he was selected to teach entomology and plant pathology in the same school from which he graduated.

Commissioner Diaz's administration style is based on respect, integrity and transparency. He welcomes residents to call him, email him and/or make an appointment with him through his executive assistant to talk about those things that are important to Sweetwater residents.

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